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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey, I am Writing in my Blog Space!

So winter is officially over, which means I guess I need to come out of hibernation!!! I have done some stuff, and writing it is hopefully going to make me feeling like the gears are actually moving.

I decided to travel
I quit my job
I got like 5 new jobs
I quit another job
I quit another job 
I re fell in love with my love
I had a party
I saw my brother play baseball
I got my nails done
I moved
I saw Legally Blonde the Musical
I fought the Man
I fought the Banker
I won both fights
I got my bike tires stolen
I quit coffee
I started coffee again
I had party at our new place

I am getting there! Writing it out really does make me able to feel the gradual progression. Slow, but true I am getting there.

I arrived here on a balloon and that is exactly how I intend to leave!

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