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Sunday, February 22, 2009

QQyou QQme QQ Bubble Tea

I love Bubble Tea and I am craving it right at this very moment. In college I once went to QQ Bubble Tea four times in one day! I have only tried this fab creation in Carbondale Illinois at the famous QQ Bubble Tea, but bubble tea is so great that you got to get anywhere you can. Search it, Try it, Love it!

I love QQ and QQ loves me! QQ in my mouth and I will QQ on your... Bubble Tea you complete me! Stick with QQ and bubble tea will stick with you you. Take a sip on BT and your as sexy as JT. 

Those are some examples of the testimonials people have written on the walls of QQ Bubble Tea, but I prefer to keep it simple.


1 comment:

please sir said...

I've never had it, but now I really want to try one! Wish they had one in town.