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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Have Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Today I took a tumble. No not down the stairs, and no I did not lose the baby. AND NO I am not pregnant, I just am being melodramatic because I watched Gone With the Wind last night. That Scarlette O'Hara will really get ya!

Anyway, I fell down today. For those of you who know me, you know that this is not all too uncommon. I have gotten better with old age, but I fall a lot. I trip over my own feet, and forget to catch myslef on the way down. But I come from a place where when a girl trips (not just an akward stumble) and falls down you help her up, especially if you are a guy. COME ON people it is just common decency! I am late too, I have a meeting to catch too, but for crying out loud are you serious? Five or six adult men walked right past me today as I lay on the ground scrambling for my belongings (of course my purse was and is always unzipped). Why oh why are people so lame?

No one helped me, but I angerily helped myself and in this case I do not believe I am better for it!

Is this normal?

So I know everyone and their mother's talking about Twilight and it has become somewhat gag worthy, but I saw the movie yesterday and well let's just say I am officially obsessed! I loved the books in an unhealthy, addicting, and obsessive way so it is no surprise that I have made a Twilight construction paper chain that is counting down the arrival of the next movie. I am well aware of how the author beats certain themes and descriptions into the ground (more like earth's core) but the movie is not like that. Though I do love the books and recommend them to everyone I meet, the movie is truly something to marvel at. It is just plain out AWESOME! No joke, anyone and their mother would love this movie. It is well shot, well casted, and well, again it is just awesome!

I haven't had this kind of a crush on a fictional character since Pacey (ok so there have been Michael Scofield and Vincent Chase but they pale in comparison EC), and all I want is more, more, more! I love Edward Cullen and everything that he has to do with. They, of course, never talk about it in the books or the first movie, but I am willing to bet my human life on the fact that his most powerful weapon is underneath those totally sexy jeans of his. I have lived my whole life loving my name, but now I can honestly say I would have no problem being Kristen Stewart instead of Haley Stewart!

I heart fictional characters! I have sex dreams that involve fictional characters. Is this normal?