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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Year's Tulips

May 5th 2008 

It has struck me many times while living in the “real world” this past year or so, that there are a lot for things I do not understand about people. In fact, there have been a lot of things that have made me question the direction of mankind as a whole.  I feel like I have my head screwed on straight when it comes to humanity and the general goodness of people. Yet, I feel like I very frequently (way more often then I like to), have to reassure myself that all people have good in them. I also have to often tell myself that getting worked up over other people’s poor decisions, that actually have little to do with me, is stupid and pointless. 

I have a very strong tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. My emotions love to hang out right on the tip of my tongue, which in many situations is not very good places for them to be.  I have always, always been this way.  Even before I could talk I have been this way, I am genuine and true, and sometimes this comes in handy.  But unfortunately for me I have also always been very strong minded, opinionated, and overly concerned about the way other people act, eat, dress, work, live, and love. This paired with my need to express myself is a truthful, but lethal combination.

Ever since I could speak sentences, speaking sentences has gotten me in trouble. I have tried to subdue my aggressive desire to speak out my judgements and opinions and will continue to try, but this control does not come easily for me. As I have gotten older the petty things like style, fashion, weight, attractiveness, athletic ability have started to become less important to me (as they should). However, I still get very upset and worked up about the big stuff like work ethic, honesty (or lack there of), theft, parenting, education, racism, sexism and overall unnecessary mistreatment of anything. 

On so many days I feel bogged down by the morons of this city and on so many days I feel irritated (I might have a rage issue) with the robotic ways of  the disengaged public. On so many days I have to remind myself over and over that people are good, and it is all going to be okay.  On so many days this battle in my head goes on, but not today! Not today.

TODAY, I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE!!!! Two- not one, but two random strangers have reminded me that people are good. They always have been and always will be!

The first of these two stories happened as I sat outside on this wonderful day reading my book during my lunch hour.  A slickster salesman walking with his business buddies. He was middle aged and wearing a very handsome suit. He stopped in mid conversation, took out his iphone, and took a picture of all the beautiful tulips that were, marvelously, out in full bloom.  His friends laughed at him, and he said with a smile, “What? They are pretty and my wife loves tulips!”  So it turns out those phone/mini machines are good for something after all!

The second person to remind me that good exists all around us was also a man, a little bit older, and walking by himself.  He stopped, not knowing anyone was watching him, and he hung about oddly as if he were going to do something terrible (like rob Starbucks at gunpoint or something).  He moved slowly and oddly with a strange look on his face. Then he inched around paused to see if anyone was watching him and touched one of the tulips.  Then he caught my eye- turns out someone was watching him!- and he made an embarrassed caught in the act face.
He didn’t take the tulip, which made me laugh, but just the fact that he was deliberating so over weather taking one of those gorgeous flowers would be right or wrong proved to me people are good. And that the beauty of nature compels us all to feel the love that is always floating about around us.  I wish I would have said, “I won’t tell, take it, give it to her or keep it for yourself…I promise I won’t tell.” But even though I didn’t speak up fast enough, I was happy that he wanted to take a flower. And even though it would not have bothered me*, I was happy he decided that it would not be right.

How splendid! Spring is in the air!

* I usually do not condone stealing in any way, but sometimes when there are 50 ba-jillion-million flowers that the city paid for, it is ok to take one or twelve…But only if you counteract your guilt by making someone else smile. Stealing is bad with the exception to, flower picking, dance moves, your best friend’s lip gloss! 

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