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Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Serious

Last night a baseball team won the WORLD SERIES! Was it the Chicago Cubs? ummm hmmmm let me think??? NO! It was not the Chicago Cubbies! It was not the dream team of 08' and it was not that fun to watch or hear about!

At my house (the house of baseball) my little brother once called the World Series the World Serious, and so of course that is what we call it. The fact that we call it this actually says a lot about the way we view the event, and that is probably why the term stuck around over the years. It is a serious affair for baseball fans and it is serious let down that the cubbies didn't make it(not even close)!

The World Serious is over and winter is on it's way and quite frankly this is just not how I had planned spending my October. I am mad at the Cubs, I am mad at the Phillies, and I am mad at baseball!

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Micaela said...

Thanks for the input! I think it may have my vote too.. but not completely sure yet. :)