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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Question for the Squatters

Here is the thing; I know that I am not normal. I figured it out at a very young age and, shortly after a very quick stint of embarrassment, I fully embodied the fact that I was different. I am proud to see the world through my own eyes, and pretty much always have been. I am proud that I grew up free to express myself, and that my family is out of the ordinary. All this being said, I will get to my point of this particular post.

At my house we ARE NOT germ-a-phobes not even a little bit. I come from the a place where the phrase "a little dirt never hurt anyone" meant if your hotdog is covered in dirt, grass, and ants dust it off and put it back on the bun. So needless to say, I have developed this mentality towards life as well. I don't even know or care how many countless germs I have probably consumed over the years; I truly believe that I have a stronger immune system because of it. Buuuuuuut...This does not mean that when I go to the bathroom I enjoy sitting down on other people's urine.

I understand all people are not like me. I understand that some people no matter where they are (probably even in their own freaking house) squat above the toilet when using the bathroom so not to have to be touched someone else's germs. I hear that theory! But now here mine, the people that are freaked out by germs and squat over the toilet are the ones spraying their urine everywhere (which is just sick). That is a fact! Never once in my life, not even when I had a super strong stream going, have I sprayed my urine all over the seat if I was sitting down. Now, I have been to some pretty seedy places where I have consciously made the decision not to sit down on the seat and accidentally had some spray action. When I do this I always, I mean always, clean up after myself just in case the next person was to make the opposite decision of myself and sit down. It is just SICK when germ freaks pee all over the seat, then get up and leave the bathroom with out cleaning the damage they have done. Those of us who disregard germs as tiny things we can't see, therefore they can't hurt you, therefore I don’t even let them usually cross my mind, trust me on this one, are NEVER the ones squatting and spraying! If by slight chance these said people were to be abnormally grossed out by a specific bathroom's appearance of cleanliness and they happened to squat, I am pretty damn sure that they would clean afterwards.

So here is my question to all of the "germ-a-phobes" out there: If you are so afraid of consuming, seeing, sitting on, touching, or being around germs then, WHY ARE YOU PEEING ON THE TOLIET SEAT?

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