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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Warning this is the point where things get's the Tipping Point!

I am reading a book entitled The Tipping Point. Is it very interesting and recommended by me to anyone who is interested in being more interesting. The book addresses the phenomenon of how things catch on. Trends, disease, ideas, campaigns, fundraisers, and sports are a HUGE part of our American culture, but just how do they catch on and at what point do they become an epidemic. Why the tipping point of course, The Tipping Point refers to the point at which an epidemic becomes, well, an epidemic. I could discuss so many outlandish fashion trends or the mass amounts of people in our country infected with the deadly HIV or AIDS that would surely get some panties in a bunch, but calm down this is HALELOUSTEW I am not here to talk about extremely serious and controversial issues!

OR am I....?

What I would like to know, is when exactly was the tipping point for ugly sweater Christmas parties? Everywhere I freaking look someone is having one, attending one, planning one, talking about one, blogging about one, facebooking about one, posting pictures of one, ok you get the point. POINT? At what point did it become cool to make or buy (a girl at my work spent 45 dollars for her nasty holiday sweater) absurdly hideous sweaters and have a party based around this theme? I will admit when I first heard about it I thought "oh that is a super funny and totally rad idea", but now that everyone and there mother has had one or been to one I have checked my vote in the played out box! Here is the thing, things are only super funny and totally rad until they blow up into a full on epidemic. As any true trend setters will tell you (NO they won’t because true trend setters don’t try to set trends they try to break them, and most of them don't even know they are doing it so therefore would never be able to tell you about it) that they wear, think, do what they do to try and break the mold of existing trends by wearing, thinking, and doing things that they like and not what is currently popular! Whoa.

I am all for themed parties, but this is getting CRAZY people. It is kinda like the ever popular college parties, Pimpin N Ho'n and White Trash bashin got kind of boring after hmmm, yep freshman year! So let's call three years ago freshman year for ugly sweater x-mas parties…we are seniors now and the time has come to opp for something more original! I know that it is hard to come up with fun and new party ideas so I have made a small list to help people out, and I swear if you take these ideas I will not call you a copy cat or theme party idea stealer. I would love if we could just, some how some way, get away from the ugly sweater trend that has now become an epidemic of mass proportions.

1. Jingle Bells Batman Smells party. You decorate with festive nests with robin's eggs cause you know Robin did lay an egg. For dress code the men have to paint their balls like the silver bells on a reindeer’s harness, and for the smelly batmen just make some masks and invite some bums off the street in for a night of fun! You are helping the community and having fun with nudity!

2. Christmas Vacation Murder Mystery party. It’s a cool little party that involves some thought, so don’t get too drunk on eggnog. In the movie it is Uncle Lewis who lights the tree on fire therefore assumed to have killed Aunt Bethany’s cat, but that is where you are wrong. Lewis is the host/hostess and everyone else dresses up for an anything goes who dunit. I call cousin Eddie!

3. Walkin in a Women's Underwear party. Very simple and yet very neat. Just everyone man or woman wear their favorite women's undergarments. If you would like to add to the excitement you could go to a meadow and build a snowman?

4. For those of you who are a little bit more on the classy side and not so into bums, dead animals and nudity, A 1940's Holiday Galla. Everyone dresses similar to the garb going down with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds circa Holiday Inn 1942. This would be a good themed party to get all the gents dressed up in a black tie that is not puffy painted on a sick white sweatshirt that is conveniently mocking an adorable Christmas penguin.

5. Or if none of these theme party ideas fly your kite, then you could always do the, also played out but not as bad, Bad Santa party. Men dress as good ol' St. Nick and the gals dress as his Ho Ho Ho's. It really works best if each Santa does in fact have three woman sluted out and passing out red and green jello shots. Oh and of course Santa's bag is full of condoms (your local college student center should be able to hook it up).

Wow that was fun and fulfilling, I love coming up with my own party ideas! You can do it too I promise it was not very hard, but if you are short on time again these are up for the taking party people!


Micaela said...

My best friend has been having them for years but this year everyone is going to one! I was invited to two on Saturday night alone. And it's so hard to find sweaters now at thrift stores because of that. I went to an off the beaten track thrift store after finding nothing at a popular one though, and found a hideous Christmas vest for $2.99

Anonymous said...

I always cringe when I hear the Batman smells version of that song... can we leave it out?

Haley said...

Mic- thanks for the note! I hope my new found hatred for these parties has not turned you away for HALELOUSTEW :)

Haley said...

Liam- As for you, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen! Just kidding it is pretty sick and strange, so if it is too much the murder mystery seemed like fun ;)