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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Have Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Today I took a tumble. No not down the stairs, and no I did not lose the baby. AND NO I am not pregnant, I just am being melodramatic because I watched Gone With the Wind last night. That Scarlette O'Hara will really get ya!

Anyway, I fell down today. For those of you who know me, you know that this is not all too uncommon. I have gotten better with old age, but I fall a lot. I trip over my own feet, and forget to catch myslef on the way down. But I come from a place where when a girl trips (not just an akward stumble) and falls down you help her up, especially if you are a guy. COME ON people it is just common decency! I am late too, I have a meeting to catch too, but for crying out loud are you serious? Five or six adult men walked right past me today as I lay on the ground scrambling for my belongings (of course my purse was and is always unzipped). Why oh why are people so lame?

No one helped me, but I angerily helped myself and in this case I do not believe I am better for it!


brookem said...

i trip over myself all of the time- so, i feel for ya.

egan said...

Sometimes the helping out can be a tough call. If it were me, I'd be all over the helping out. However, some feel stuff like holding doors open or helping a woman when she falls could be seen as sexist. I'm surprised nobody offered at all though. That's odd.